Legucki Mill

Legucki mill was a possession of our family in the XV century. Short period before the year 1500 mill ceased to be the possession of Pilewski‘s. Legucki mill was burned completely by German Knights. This was done as an act of revenge against Mikolaj III for his activities in the Thirteen Year war. This area for many years was a popular hunting ground.  

Alley of Lime trees

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One can find there also an alley of ancient Lime Trees. These trees belong to ancient times and could be as old as thousand years. Looking at these alley‘s of limes one can acknowledge that they remember the Pilewski‘s. It not easy to find this place, thanks to my friend from school years Stan Kwiecinski I was able to find this corner.


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This bridge finde itself on one of the arterie of the River Pasleka-Gilwa, for sure this place was the abode of Legucki Mill. Unfortunately there is no sign left of the mill. The ravine from the bridge is quite deep. This could indicate that water in this place was raised by the dam to the mill. The existence of alley lime trees and leading to the bridge indicate that the mill was in this place.

Escape of River Pasleka

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The escape of the river Pasleka is to the lake Isag. This is a beautiful scene depicting this flow. Only a few years ago this place was inhabited by beavers.

Basilica of Saint Mary‘s in Gietrzwald


41 Basilica of Saint Mary‘s in Gietrzwald to which pilgrims visit from the whole world.

Place where Saint Mary appeared to two girls.

44 Recently this road of Christ Cruxification was donated by Poles, Polish Americans, from Britain, Germany. All carvings were made from sandstone. At the end one will find Holy water, that is a source of miraculous quality.

Castle in Morag

55 This is what is left of the Marag castle. In the first half of the XV century in this castle resided Mikolaj III Pilewski. As a member of Prussian Society together with his team of knights. Then as a young knight he had to display knighthood abilities. In the beginning of the year 1455 he took over the leadership over a team of knights in the castle of Szczytno. As one looks at the excavated ruins of Marag castle, you have to remember that the builders were slaves, suppressed Prussians by the German and European knights. In its time the castle found itself on the border of the lake and the remainder by the moat. Today the lake is a couple of hundred meters further.

In front of Town Hall


61 In front of the old town hall one will find a beautiful monument of John Paul the Second, as well as two XIX century cannons.

Palace of the Dohn family


71 Palace of the Dohn family is now a museum with very interesting expositions; furniture, ceramics and paintings. In front of the palace one can see an old sun clock. Among portraits are male and female of Lehndorff‘s related to the Pilewski‘s.

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