Prince of Resia

Generation 1

Circa 1195 - 1235

Prince of Resia descendant of Gotts elected by Prussians as a commander of joint forces against Teutonic Order of Knights in conjunction with Poles and Pomeranians. He suffered death in one of the bloodiest battles on the river Dzierzgon in the year of 1235. The destiny of this battle was decided by the craftiness of Swietopelek from Gdansk, who in the past frequently was beaten but experienced in battling with Prussians. If not of him, this battle would have been disastrous for Teutons.

Generation 2

Circa 1230 - 1289

Descendant of Prince of Resia, pomezanians commander during uprising in years 1242-1249against Teutonic Order of Knights. As a result of an uprising there were no victors, and though the treaty was signed, Dumel suppressed with members of his family forced to part with his land of Resia. Teutons idea to separate him from his people and instead, he receives land at lake Kucki, which after him is named Dumele. In prussian language Dumel can mean the one who causes conflagration.

Generation 3

Circa 1250 - 1300

Klec after Dumel inherits land at the lake Kucki, which from this time until now is called Klecewo. Father of three sons-Otton I Pfil, possibly Simon I and Stefan Klec colonizer of land Ostroda and Lubawa. Posesses full confidence of pomezanian Bishop¸ Henry, often is assisting him as a witness in signing documents in years 1289, 1291 and 1294.

Generation 4

Circa 1270 - 1320

Otton I Pfil departs from Klecewo and settles in land of Chelms, and thus becomes a founder to family of Pfeilsdorf - Pilewskich. Klec family vanishes by the end of XVI century. Otton I gives a new start for the family to be associated with Polish nobility.

Generation 5

Circa 1290 - 1350

In chronicles he was mentioned in the year 1348. His son was Otton II.

Generation 6

Circa 1310 - 1375

He is noted in chronicles of the year 1365. His son was Hugo I de Pfeilsdorf.

Generation 7

Circa 1330 - 1380

First described as the owner of Pilewice. Hugo on the 13 July 1379, is a member of commision to solve border problems between Masovia and bishop of Chelm concerning land of Lubawa. His position between Chelm district knighthood was distinguished and had special relationship with bishop of Chelm. Hugo was a father of Mikolaj I.

Generation 8

Circa 1350 - 1410

One of the most distinguished knights of Chelm land. Member of secret anty Teuton Lizard Society. Probable participant of Great Grunwald Battle in 15 July 1410. After the battle together with Jan from Pulkowo they conquered the castle of Kowalewo and handed to Polish King Jagiello. He is active in miss informing Teutons about movement of Jagiello army to the land of Grunwald. Imprisoned and without court executed by Teutons. Left by him sons are; Otton III circa 1380-1421, Jan (Hanusz) a knight circa 1380-1435 wife daughter of Filip von Wildenau , Hugo II (Hoyko) a knight circa 1380 - died after 1446 Piotr (Pietrasz) circa 1385 - 1421,1426 wife daughter of Filip von Wildenau, Mikolaj II a knight died after 1423.

Generation 9

Circa 1370 - 1446

Hugo II, together with his brothers resides in Pilewice. He is very active in administration of Chelms land. Hugo II sons were: Jan II, knight, circa 1400 - 1453. Called himself Klec, Arnold, knight, died after 1458. Daugther Katherine married Jacob vom Felde.

Generation 10

Circa 1390 - 1453

Jan II , knight , calls himself Klec, it farther proves connection between these names. Inherits Pilewice and also owns other properties. He is one of the signatories under a document establishing the Prussian Union against Teutonic Order of Knights. Remains very active not only in Union but also in many action of prussian - polish nobilities. His second wife was daughter of Sperling from Morag. Jan II dies after year of 1453 leaving sons, Mikolaj III knight, circa 1420 dies 03 1478 at Brzesc, Michal knight circa 1425 - died after 1446, daughters, Anna wife of Hektor von Machwitz and of unknown name wife of Kethel.

Generation 11

circa 1410 - 1453 Brzesc Kujawski

Mikolaj III a very distinguished member of the Family. A knight inherited fathers Pilewice with other properties. Statesman, remained with a greatest confidence of polish king Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk, whom frequently represented. Member of Prussian Union and very active in Thirteenyear war with Teutons, fortifying castles and commanding them. Senator, diplomat representing not only prussians interests but also Polish Crown against Teutons. All his activities and duties were without compensation, he was performing for free. King for his achievments makes him a castellanus of Gdansk and starosta of Tczew. A great statesman, participant of many important missions dies during meeting of Crown Counsel at Brzesc leaving quite few next of keen.
Otton von Pfeilsdorf born 1450 - died 1486-1488
Jan III von Pfeilsdorf knight, born 1440 - died after 1496
Maciej von Pfeilsdorf died 1503
Lukasz von Pfeilsdorf circa 1445 - 1494
Sylwester von Pfeilsdorf died after 1507
daughter von Pfeilsdorf married Piotr Suchorowski
daughter von Pfeilsdorf married Jerzy Greusing
daughter Catherine von Pfeilsdorf married Karol von Felden

Von Felden, private Coat of Arms Felden. Karol von Felden, senator, in year 1483 castellanous of land Chelm and from the year 1486 vojvoda of Chelm.
During Teutons rule settled in Prussia as a German family from Brunsweig. Later this family was Polish orientated and changed the name to Zakrzewski.
In the Thirteen Years war von Felden assisted Polish King against Teutons.

Generation 12

Circa 1455 - 1503

Maciej son of Mikolaj III, inherits from his father starostwo Tczew, partially burnt by Teutons water mill in Leguty and other properties. All his live he remains at royal court of king Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk, Jan Olbracht and Aleksander Jagiellonczyk. Apart of frequent financial support from king Kazimierz Jagiellonczyk he also from king Aleksander Jagiellonczyk receives two villages of Tczew region, Rajkowo and Bobowo. Gertruda von Logendorf daughter of pomerenian woiwodin was his first wife, second wife was sister of bishop Fabian Luzianski. Maciej children were, son Jan IV, daughter Elzbieta wife of a Prussian Jan Dabrowski ancestor of gen. Jan Henryk Dabrowski hero of Polish National Anthem. Barbara wife of Jan Balinski and daughter Catherine.

Generation 13

Circa 1485 -1540

Lived in Stalle and Propendorf. His wife von Zehmen. Son Jan V.

Generation 14

Circa 1515 -1570

Syn Achacy.

Son Achacy.

Generation 15

Circa 1545 -1600

In year 1566 resides in Niemczyk. Wife von Kalkstein. Father of two sons, JanVI and Jerzy.

Generation 16

Circa 1575 - 1640

Settles in year 1598 at Niemczyk. Leaves two sons, Jakub and Daniel.

Generation 17

Circa 1610 -1660

Settles at Zgnilobloty between 1623-1656. Wife Anastazja Napolska. Son Szymon.

Generation 18

Circa 1655 - 1700

Known in Napole in 1685. Son Michal.

Generation 19

Circa 1685 - 1730

Known by the end of XVII century and beginning of XVIII century. Wife Teresa Laczynska. Sons Marcin and Jozef born 27 09 1716 and died 1759.

Generation 20

Circa 1720 - 1785

Wife Agnieszka von Arndt. Son Kazimierz born 1716 in Warmia, died 26 12 1813 in Osiek north Masovia.

Generation 21

In the second half of XVIII century Poland was partitioned by her neighbors. Pilewskis a Roman-Catholics and pro Polish orientated were under germanic persecution. Kazimierz Pilewski departes from land of his Fathers and settles on the northern Masovia



Wawrzyniec Pilewski ur. 1787 Osiek, zm.24 07 1853 Badkowo, zo.Anna Kepinska zm.9 08 1853


Jozef Pilewski ur. 1792 Osiek zm.8 01 1872 zo. 27 01 1817 Teresa Zalewska zm. 16 11 1865.


Antoni Pilewski ur.1799 Osiek zm. 17 03 1866 Kukowo, zo. Rozalia Talinska.


Jakub Pilewski ur. 20 071801 Osiek zm. 11 12 1874 Moczadla zo. Agnieszka Bagienska ur.23 01 1806 Osiek zm. 1850 Moczadla corka Franciszka i Marianny z Kamienskich. II zo. Marianna Wodzynska.


Bart³omiej Pilewski ur. 17 08 1803 Osiek zm. 08 12 1854 Osiek zo. 2101 1823 Jozefa Kaczorowska ur.1807 zm. przed 08 12 1854.

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