A report on the 1-st meeting of the PILEWSKI CLANS

On the 13-th August 2005 the first family meeting of the Pilewski‘s took place, when 180 members of the Pilewski clans met in the township of Skepe. The location was not by chance, for the history of many Pilewski‘s is tied to this town. The happenings at the meeting are presented below, together with a photographic record of the events.
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1. Holy Mass at 11 o‘clock in the Bernardine Monastery in Skepe
The format of the Holy Mass was prepared by the participants of the meeting. This included the lithurgic services, the readings from the lithurgy, the commentaries, the songs and the procession with gifts. Beata Pilewska (from Lawrence clan) was responsible for the preparations.
2. The unveiling of the memorial plaque in memory of the meeting at the Bernardine Monastery. The cutting of the ribbons was carried out by the representatives of the Clans

The speech of Slawomir Klec Pilewski

“The unveiling and blessing of the memorial plaque memorising the Pilewski family presence in the Skepe land is a very important moment of our meeting. The plaque was founded by the Clans to celebrate the patriotism and sacrifices for the Polish Republic of our ancestors. The descendants of the family gathered here should remember these times and carry on the knowledge to their own descendants that our fore bearers were valiant Christians and in the difficult historical times for the Republic always stood in the front guard to carry out their duties to the Fatherland. Glory to them for doing so.”
I would now ask the representatives of the Clans to unveil the plaque.

Marian Pilewski- the Lawrence Clan
Mariusz Pilewski- the Joseph Clan
Krzysztof Pilewski- the Anthony Clan
Przemyslaw Pilewski- the Jacob Clan
Norbert Pilewski- the Jacob Clan USA

3. The trip to the Skepe cemetary - visiting the Pilewski graves.
The guides were Stanislawa Sobiecka and Teresa Kolonko.
4. The journey of the participants to the “KAMA INN”
The registration of the participants; entering names on the list and the issuing of identification badges, for which Janusz Kolonko was responsible.
5. The memory of our ancestors was honoured by a minutes silence,
followed by the toast in honour of the gathering. In turn the assembled Clans and families were introduced in their Clan groupings, after which the further leadership of the meeting was carried out by Jaroslaw Pilewski (of the Lawrence Clan).
The ceremony of granting the diploma of recognition was made to Slawomir Klec Pilewski.
6. The lunch.

7. The speech of Norbert Pilewski (of the Jacob Clan) from the USA  more..
8. The presentation of some copies of the book “The Pilewski‘s the saga of the last family of the Great Prussians” by Slawomir Klec Pilewski
The book was received by: Elzbieta Rurak, the daughter of Bernard Klec Pilewski, the first biographer of the family, by Przemyslaw Pilewski, a soldier of the Polish Army, who participated in the meeting immediately after returning from Iraq, as well as Society of Science in Wloclawek, via Kazimierz Pilewski (of the Jacob Clan).
9. A few words about the book spoken by Slawomir Klec Pilewski
10. High tea.
11. Get together and integration of the Pilewski family.

12. Dinner.
13. Official ending of the meeting by a campfire at around 11 pm.

Song to end the campfire
“The campfire‘s glow is now dying
Let us form a brotherly circle......etc. etc. etc.
In the evening quiet, in the light of stars,
The last hand shakes take place......etc. etc. etc.”

14. Unofficially the meeting carried on till 11 am. the next day.

Kazimierz Pilewski (of the Jacob Clan) was responsible for the whole of the perfectly organized meeting, for which many thanks are due to him.

Correspondence after the meeting:

Jerome and Joyce Pilewski (Pittsburgh, USA)
Greetings to our Pilewski family in Poland! We returned safely to United States. We flew on the 19 th August from Krakow to Warsaw, and Warsaw via Chicago to the family residence in Pittsburgh. We would both particularly like to thank for such a splendid and thoughtful reception by you in Poland. It was wonderful to find ourselves in the Fatherland amongst so many related Pilewski‘s. Once more thank you from our whole hearts and we shall be in touch.
            Greetings, Jerome and Joyce Elizabeth

Elizabeth Rurak (Washington, USA)
I returned home a week ago and am again getting ready for a trip with Ania. I would very much like to thank for such a successful meeting. I know how much effort went into ensuring that the results were so magnificent. Firstly - Slawomir, I would like to tell you how important it is for my family that my Father‘s researches which he carried out for many years, were made available to the whole family. I know that Father, would have wished this. Thank you. The meeting was an excellant chance to renew family contacts and also to acquaint myself with people new to me. I remember it with a great pleasure! I also thank you fort the invitation to this ceremony and for your hospitality. Your sons are great and very sympathetic. I enclose greetings and hugs, Elizabeth with family.

Marian Pilewski, Inowroclaw

Thank you for a very pleasantly spent time during our meeting in Skepe. You were all wonderful.


The second meeting of the Pilewski took place on the 14th August 2006, just as a year ago, in Skepe. After a Holy Mass in the Marian Sanctuary and the laying of flowers under the family’s memorial plaque , the participants set off for the “KAMA INN”, where a meal was awaiting them, as well as family meetings and a discussion not restricted purely to matters concerning the family. A speech officially opening the meeting was given by Slawomir Klec Pilewski:

  “Dear Family !

       I greet the descendants of the celebrated Grand Prussian family of the Klec Pilewskis. Carrying such a splendid identity and family history gives us the right to be proud of our forbearers. Not much is left of the chivalrous, freedom loving Prussians. The German war doctrine aimed at the extermination of the Prussians to make it impossible for them to achieve a national identity.
The Old Prussians disappeared from the map of the earth, and in their place was created a German state organisation called Prussia. The seized nomenclature of the name of Prussia by the Germans was, still is, a matter of shame for us.
       History systematically ignores the story of the Prussians and of their bravery, loyalty to their lands, traditions and hospitality. Armed conflicts with the Polish princes were caused by their expansionary tendencies and were neighbourly conflicts, with the Prussians bravely defending themselves, returning force with the force.
The theory of the pagan Prussians was misconceived and tendentious, and arose only through the inability of their neighbours to conquer their lands.
To-days historians are interested only in political and economic development of this region of Europe, and, what is most important, in who ruled here, forgetting the cruel way in which this land was conquered and what fate befell its inhabitants.
       The Klec Pilewski von Pfeilsdorf family were a noble house, belonging to the highest social group, often described by chronicle writers as princes. The course of historical events decreed that for five centuries they became a family of knights.
As far back as the XIV century they became close to Poland and this enchantement lasts to this day. We are totally loyal only to Poland and its Christian culture, and to none other. The military struggles on the side of Poland against German expansionism cost our family economic deprivation. However our family never doubted in the Christian righteousness of Polish state, and whenever needed always loyally served the Republic.

       The first meeting of the family took place on the 13th August 2005. This was a great success for all of us in so far as for the first time we succeeded in meeting in such a splendid and distinguished way. All participants wished that the next re-union take place in a years time.
This wish has been fulfilled to-day. I open the second re-union of the ancient family of the Great Prussian Klec Pilewskis.

Thank you, Slawomir Klec Pilewski.”

       The official section of the meeting was very well organised by Kazimier Pilewski from Wloclawek.
       Before and after the meal ”get to know you” meetings took place: during these a questionnaire was handed out to determine in which direction the family should proceed.

       A great novelty was the presence of two members of the Bartholomew Clan, about whom until that time we knew nothing at all. At this point in time we therefore have members of all clans present.
       The discussion started on the subject of greater family activity on the internet site www.pilewski.pl The founder of the site, Krzysztof Pilewski, undertook to continue the site, as well as to carry out modifications.

       There was also short discussion on the subject of greater contacts with USA Clans.

       A further subject was to decide on the membership of the Counsel of the Pilewski family and the settlement of the main problems concerning the family, which were outlined in the questionnaires handed out previously. After analysing these it was possible to formulate some general decisions as shown below:

The general organiser of the re-union - Kazimier Pilewski
The master of ceremonies - Slawomir Klec Pilewski
Secretary - Anna Karbowska

1) The aim of re-union
  1. Family integration
  2. Bi-annual re-unions
  3. Proposed meetings within individual clans
2) The Memorial Plaque
  1. As the Skepe Sanctuary is often visited by the Pilewskis, it is requested that everybody marks their presence by leaving flowers by the Plaque
3) Ancestors Graves
  1. To be kept in good order
  2. On main Holy days flowers to be placed and lights lit
4) Internet
  1. Keep the internet site www.pilewski.pl
  2. Enter new informations
  3. Consider an internet Forum
5) Organization of the Clans

6) Wolne wnioski 5.Other matters
  1. Thanks to the organizers of the meeting
  2. It was stated that, in the book edition, and in the high lighting of the family history, the achievements of the fair sex were by-passed
  3. The members of the Clans should be mobilised to greater activity

After the official part, a hired band started to play dance music, so by it’s accompaniment everybody could dance and party until the late evening hours.

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