I am welcoming all who are interested in the Prussian people from Pomesania to KLEC PILEWSKI‘S von PFEILSDORF‘S internet page. From the time that there were two documents written about the history of our ancestors; 1- “Pilewski Saga of the last Great Prussians” edited by Slawomir Klec Pilewski in 2004 and 2- “Klec the Prussian” with specific emphasises on the family von Pfeilsdorf Pilewski, author being Prof. Grzegorz Bialunski and published by the Museum of castle Malbork in 2006. I am constantly receiving new details about our family. Observing the growing interest, I decided to expand and provide knowledge of our Prussian family to all interested no matter in what part of the world they live.
Klec family passed into a history. On their possession Klecewo by lake Klecewskie
this palace was erected. Lithography photo: by Mariusz.
Documents on Klec former residence not found.

    Genealogical research on the family Coat of Arms took around 80 years and formed a rich historical knowledge. However, this is not the end, because I was always interested in who were the Pilewski‘s, and what follows after this, who were the Prussians? In our civilized period we have unbelievable progress of Science, and thanks to this we now have genetic genealogy, which for sure, will be giving help to historians in establishing many and all sort of facts.
XVII-th century palace in years 1870-1872 was demolished.
In its place a new one was erected, as seen to day.

    The coast of the Baltic sea was witnessing right from the beginning many human treks, it was a melting pot of those people, and for sure in this melting pot, the Prussian people found themselves. They were all labeled Indo-Europeans, meaning Slavic and Germanic (last often described and more adequate as the Atlantic group) and also Ugro-Finns.
    What genetic genealogy will show in the near future? There could be many surprises. I am allowing myself to form a theory, that the Prussians were not a pure ethnic group, this is illustrated by its tribal segregation. When Europe was forming state structures, the Prussians did not unite. What also harmed them in uniting, was lack of a common religion, which would have given them a superior advantage in uniting all the Prussian people under one common religion.
Side view. In year 1994 was offered for 130 000 US dollars. .

    Genetic research with Lithuanians and the land of Sudovia, revealed that in great part they are of Ugro-Finn origin and the remainder is of baltic Slavs. This is where a scientific conflict starts, because the Lithuanian and Prussians language, originating from Indo European is not related to the Ugro Finnish. In this case, where did the Prussian language originate? Did the Prussians communicate with one language?
    Genetic research by Pilewski‘s revealed that genetically we are descendants of Gotts, and our ancestor Prince of Resia was a Gott. In heraldic genealogy we are Prussian descendants. One can not contradict science and genetic genealogy uncovers the latest secrets.
    In todays knowledge about the Prussian port of Truso (7 km. from Elblag), as well as archeological research based on excavations, is that this port was erected by the Gotts, or maybe they were Vikings. The distance from Truso to Resia was not that great, then who did Prince of Resia in the battle by the river Dzierzgon in the year 1235 lead? Were the Pomezanians also Gotts? There are many questions and guessings,time and science will solve this dilemma.
    For now there is only one existing Prussian people, only the Pilewski‘s are documented, that does not mean there are not others. The biggest interest about the Prussians is in Poland. There is a very knowledgeable and dedicated group of scientists from the Pruthenia Society, www.pruthenia.strefa.pl , with limited financial means, which sacrifies, researches and penetrates knowledge about the Prussians.
    I accepted the invitation to join the Pruthenia Society.
    In the Polish Heraldic there exists a Coat of Arms PRUS I, II, III. Names of families carrying the Coat of Arms of PRUS are listed in part in the Genealogy of Prussian people.
    The history of the Pilewski family is unbelievably complicated, and they are dispersed all over the world. That is why we hope that this page will help us make contacts, unite and share our family history.
    We all know, that without recognizing our past knowledge there is no future, but in working together we can make this future happen.

Poland 20. 06 2008               SŁAWOMIR KLEC PILEWSKI von Pfeilsdorf

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